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22 September
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Uh...Oh, wow, this is embarrassing.

Well, my name's Kellyn. I'm a Pokémon Ranger. "Protecting the irreplaceable - people, Pokémon, and nature." That's our motto.

It's my obligation and joy to assist anyone in need. I've trained extensively to become knowledgeable on anything that I might need in the field. Aerobics, first aid, quick thinking...It's important for a Ranger to utilize every tool available to them, both physically and psychologically. I'm certainly not going to be the one to lower the standards of Top Rangers.

Ha! I tend to rattle on about my job. Even though I fight so hard to protect them, I really enjoy watching and participating in Pokémon battles, too. There's just something magical about Pokémon that's attracted me to them my entire life, which explains why I go a little nuts when it comes to anything about them.

But, that's enough of that. If you see anyone looking or acting suspicious, or if you need me for any other reason, I'm based in Almia.

...Of course, I'm not there right now...

RP journal for pokedressing. Played by ionneos.
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